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Finding Quality Hardwood Flooring Services In…

When it comes to talking about the benefits of getting quality Hardwood Flooring in NYC, those benefits are certainly immense. Hardwood flooring is not only easier to keep clean than carpeting is, it’s also much easier to design a room around! You can literally use almost any type of furniture or other decorative piece you desire to easily blend in with your Hardwood Flooring.

At Galaxy Hardwood, our hardwood flooring projects are always installed by one of our highly trained and experienced flooring professionals. We also have a wide variety of flooring options available, and our professionals can help you choose the option that is best suited for both you and your family’s needs. With over 20 years of experience, we’ve become the top hardwood flooring company in New York. Why is that? Because we’ve always provided our customers with the highest quality craftsmanship and the most professional customer service around. All of that, combined with our 100% satisfaction guarantee, is why our company has become one of the best flooring companies in the entire industry.

Did You Know?

Hardwood Flooring trends rarely change, because hardwood flooring has been time-tested as being the most cost-efficient and classy looking option for any homeowner! Don’t just take our word for it however. The home experts over at The Spruce tend to agree with us as well. They even provided 4 amazing examples as to why hardwood flooring is better for your home.

The following examples were taken from the good people over at The Spruce:

  • They Offer More Prestige. Most hardwood flooring tends to command more respect than carpeting as a design choice, because it’s seen as being more “high-end” or “luxurious.” This is generally due more to the more natural look of hardwood flooring!
  • They Are Much Easier To Keep Clean. It is nearly impossible to keep a carpet clean at all times. This is mainly due to the fact that certain stains may soak in or settle into that carpet permanently. With hardwood flooring, that no longer has to be an issue!
  • They Provide Lower Allergy Surfaces. The fact that carpet can attract and hold dust and microorganisms can also affect anyone working or living within a given space as well. This is especially true if those people suffer from any types of allergies that may be flared up by the dust particles that can become trapped in your carpeting. Hardwood flooring allows people to easily sweep or mop anything off of the floor with ease!
  • They Are Longer-Lasting Than Carpeting. When hardwood flooring is properly maintained, hardwood flooring can last for decades, and some hardwood floors can even last for generations. Carpet, on the other hand, usually needs to be replaced every few years (or so). Hardwood is generally considered to be much more economical than carpeting and helps your investment pay off slowly over time!

Don’t Forget, We Also Offer Dustless Sanding Services Too!

In most cases, any type of standard wood floor sanding can be a long and messy type of process. Here at Galaxy Hardwood Floors however, we offer the best Dustless Sanding services in New York. We’re also one of the few Dustless Sanding contractors in the Greater New York Area. Our Dustless Sanding process is over 99.9% effective at capturing any dust particles during the sanding process. That means you can worry less about your furniture, electronics, or personal items, and more about how amazing your floors will look afterwards.

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