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Dustless Floor Sanding Versus Sandless – What’s The Difference?

Addressing the need for refinishing your wood floors is a priority task. This is what helps restore your wood surfaces, keeping them healthy and beautiful. Yet, as a homeowner and not a hardwood specialist, it can be confusing. Floors used to just get refinished or sanded, but when you hear options like dustless or sandless,…

5 signs its time to refinish your hardwood floors

Hardwood flooring can be a great investment for your home and can last you a lifetime, but to do so, they are going to require care and maintenance every so often. Every so often, your home’s hardwood floors are going to need to be sanded again and refinished, but many homeowners aren’t sure how often…

Hardwood Refinishing: The Essentials

Hardwood Refinishing in Staten Island, NY

Nothing transforms a room like hardwood. With it’s rich wood finish and beautiful textures, hardwood brings a touch of class and style that makes it stand out from other types of flooring. If you are a homeowner and are looking to revitalize your hardwood floor it’s important to know the basics. While a great refinishing…

3 Things to Consider When Choosing Wood Flooring for Your Staten Island Home

Wood Flooring Options in Staten Island, NY

Whether you’re constructing a new home or remodeling an old one, you’ve got plenty of decisions you have to make. When it comes to your flooring, you’ll want to save as much time and energy on making the choice as possible. However, even if you already know you want wood flooring, the choices can still…

Is Hardwood Flooring a Part of Your Remodeling Plan?

Hardwood Flooring for Remodeling Projects

Whether you’re remodeling part of your home or building a new addition to it, you’ll probably have to make some decisions about new flooring installations. And although it’s much easier to replace floor coverings with new versions of the same type – like carpeting – it’s worth the time and trouble to consider replacing it with new hardwood flooring….

Choosing the Best Type of Hardwood Flooring for Your Staten Island Home

Hardwood Flooring Types

Hardwood flooring can give your Staten Island home an air of elegance and a durability that tile and carpeting simply can’t match. It may cost more upfront, but hardwood also usually requires less maintenance, lasts longer, and is easier to clean than other flooring options. Once you’ve decided to have hardwood flooring installed in your…

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