Dustless Floor Sanding System

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The Ultimate Dustless Hardwood Floor Sanding System in NY & NJ

Many property owners in New York and New Jersey find that they are hesitant to sand their hardwood floors because of all the dust that can be generated, and we understand the enormous amount of effort it takes to have to clean up all of the dust after such a huge project. We here at Galaxy Hardwood understand that over time your floors can become damaged, or worn and it can really take away from their elegant looks. If you have noticed that your floors are appearing dull, then perhaps you should consider sanding them.

With our brand new Bona 300-600 dustless system that includes HEPA filtration, our hardwood floor sanding professionals are proud to offer this high-quality tool for all of your floor refinishing needs. We are here to assist you with all of your dustless sanding needs and are very eager to answer any of your questions or concerns regarding this process.

Dustless Floor Sanding System

State of the Art Dustless System for Wood Refinishing

At Galaxy Hardwood our team has the expertise and equipment to help you provide maintenance and refurbishment needs for all of your commercial or residential properties in Manhattan, Staten Island, Brooklyn, and New Jersey. We use an advanced state of the art equipment with our Special Dustless Package. The sander we use is equipped with HEPA filters so it can help contain around 95% to 97% of all the dust it creates. It means that the majority of the dust will be captured while our team is sanding your floors.

101% Dustless Guarantee with Our General Cleaning Package

We know that cleaning up after a major project can be exhausting, especially with all the dust left behind after sanding hardwood floors to prepare them for refinishing projects. At Galaxy Hardwood we offer our customers a General Cleaning Package. During this service, not only will we clean up all the dust created from our hardwood floor sander but we will also clean up all the dust that was present before beginning the project.

Because we clean the dust both prior and after sanding. After we complete a project at your New York or New Jersey property is complete you will not have to worry about cleaning any dust from your space. We guarantee you complete satisfaction of the look of your new hardwood floors, with zero effort required on your end and leave your space 101% dust-free!

Dustless Floor Sanding System

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