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Hardwood Stairs in Staten Island, NY

Hardwood stairs

The professionals at Galaxy Hardwood are seasoned veterans and experts when it comes to working with hardwood stairs. We provide custom hardwood stains that can be made to match or complement any of the existing hardwood stains in your Staten Island home. Our custom finishes will make a huge impression on any guests in your home, and we can guarantee your satisfaction with the work of our professional hardwood flooring contractors on Staten Island.

From installing your hardwood stairs to staining them and refinishing them, our professionals can handle any job you need. And we have any stains that you might need:

  • Cherry stains
  • Mahogany stains
  • Butterscotch stains
  • Evergreen stains
  • Forest green stains

We’ll help you decide on the best type of wood for your Staten Island home’s staircases, and we can apply any type of stain whatsoever to help you achieve any atmosphere you’re looking to create.

Professional Hardwood Stair Installations in Staten Island, NY

Although it isn’t necessarily difficult work, installing hardwood stairs is a tedious and time consuming project that requires a tremendous amount of precision. Your staircase is one of the focal points of your home, most likely, so making sure the hardwood installation is done perfectly is a priority, and hiring a professional for the job is your best option.

Our professionals have been serving Staten Island and surrounding locations since 1994, and we have the ability, expertise, and experience that you need in a professional. We guarantee that all of our work will be more than satisfactory, and that you’ll be happy with the results. We can handle every aspect of the job, and we’ll make sure that it’s done with your tastes and your home in mind.

Replacing Carpeted Stairs

While carpet isn’t necessarily a terrible option for staircases, it can be mismatched against the hardwood floors in your Staten Island home, and it is difficult to maintain and keep clean. Our professional can replace any carpeted stairs with hardwood stairs promptly and professionally.

First, we’ll remove your carpeting, exposing the stair framing. Sometimes the carpet is installed in separate pieces, and other times it’s one single piece that wraps the steps from top to bottom. We’ll remove any tack strips or staples as well.

After that, we’ll use a skill saw or reciprocating saw to clean the stairs so that they’re ready to for the installation of the new wood. The new wood will be installed directly on top of the framing and each part is custom cut so that it’s a perfect fit.

After that, we’ll stain the wood to make it more aesthetically pleasing, and to keep it as durable as possible.

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If you’re looking for hardwood stairs in Staten Island, call Galaxy Hardwood at 718-873-5815, or fill out online request form.