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Your home and business should create an impression for your guests, and customers. There is a very inviting quality to hardwood stairs that can’t quite be matched by having carpeted stairs. Galaxy Hardwood’s professional team has been servicing our customers in Staten Island, Brooklyn, Manhattan, and New Jersey since 1994, and our top priority has been to create an atmosphere that will draw people back to your property.

We understand that while installing hardwood stairs might not be difficult work, it can be a tedious and time-consuming project. Your staircase is a focal point in your home and business, and you want to make sure that the task is completed with the utmost precision. Our expert team of contractors will work to make sure that we handle every aspect of the job while keeping your design, and budget in mind for your space.

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Replacing Your Carpeted Stairs

Let Galaxy Hardwood, be your one-stop-shop for all your flooring needs, we even offer the service to help you remove the carpeting from your stairs when you decide to upgrade your staircase to hardwood. Our professional team will replace any carpeted staircase in a prompt and precise timeline.

We will first work on removing your carpeting to expose the stair framing since sometimes carpet can be installed in separate pieces or other times it can be one long single piece that wraps the steps from top to bottom, we will even remove those pesky tack strips and staples as well!

After we complete that, we will use a skill saw or a reciprocating saw to aid in the cleaning of the stairs so that they are prepped for hardwood stair installation. New wood will be installed directly on top of the framing where each part is custom cut so we can guarantee a perfect fit every time, and then we will finish it off with a stain to make the wood of your stairs to make to ensure its durability and make it match or compliment the aesthetics of your space.

Professional Hardwood Staining Options for Your NY & NJ Property

When it comes to all your hardwood staining needs, the professional team over at Galaxy Hardwood is the ones you can rely on. We work tirelessly to provide high quality and custom hardwood stains for all of our clients in Manhattan, Staten Island, New Jersey, and Brooklyn. Whether you need us to match or complement any hardwood stains, or to create a completely custom finish. We can guarantee that our work will produce a lasting impression on your friends and family or your customers when they enter your business or home and see the top-notch work of our expert contractors.

Here are some of the staining options that we offer:

  • Cherry stains
  • Mahogany stains
  • Butterscotch stains
  • Evergreen stains
  • Forest green stains

Galaxy Hardwood will work with you every step of the way in helping you transform your dreary hardwood flooring or stairs with our stains to help you achieve the desired look of your home or business.

Photos of Custom Wood Flooring Designs

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