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Dustless Floor Sanding Versus Sandless – What’s The Difference?

Dustless floor sanding versus sandless

Addressing the need for refinishing your wood floors is a priority task. This is what helps restore your wood surfaces, keeping them healthy and beautiful. Yet, as a homeowner and not a hardwood specialist, it can be confusing. Floors used to just get refinished or sanded, but when you hear options like dustless or sandless, it gets confusing.

Making the Right Choice For Your Home

So, the time has come to refinish your floors and you are curious about the options that you have.

Both dustless and sandless are preferred because of the ability to get the job done, without leaving the air heavy with dust. The free-floating particles are not only inconvenient, it can trigger respiratory-related health issues, such as allergies and asthma. Without proper planning for dust, your household could still be living with airborne wood floor particles, for months. Plus, it gets into fabric fibers and your air ducts where it continues to recirculate.

Dustless uses a sanding technique as an effective restoration process. This removes old finish as well as deep stains or scratches. The point is to take the wood down to its core. The sanding machine is connected to a vacuum suction which is then sent straight to an exterior containment system. While not entirely dust-free, it minimizes the dust and contains it outside your home instead of inside, which makes a huge difference.

Sandless is more of a touch up cosmetic technique. This method, as the name implies, does not use the sanding process. It’s more of a buffing followed by a clear coat sealant. It improves the look but does not address damage to the floor and does not enable you to change the color of your floor.

The bottom line is that both are meant to improve your floor, while avoiding the presence of dust. However, dustless floor sanding is the right option if you want to completely improve and renovate your flooring. Sandless is appropriate between floor sandings.

Make Your Choice

If you want the floors in your Staten Island home to really look as good as new, you need the team at Galaxy Hardwood to provide you with dustless floor refinishing. Since 1994, we have been using our expertise to ensure that each and every client gets the final results that they want, need and deserve.


If you are looking for a hardwood floor company that uses a dustless floor sanding system in State Island, call Galaxy Hardwood today at 718-873-5815, or fill out our online request form.