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Why Do Homeowners in Prince's Bay Choose Galaxy Hardwood?

hardwood refinishing repairs

If you need to schedule hardwood floor refinishing or repairs or you want to install new hardwood flooring in your Prince's Bay home or business, give the qualified team at Galaxy Hardwood a call. The hardwood flooring specialists at our reputable company have the professional skills and years of proven experience that you expect from trusted professionals. No matter what service you require, Galaxy Hardwood can accomplish the job to your satisfaction.

Galaxy Hardwood provides homeowners and business owners in the Prince's Bay area with the following services:

  • Wood Flooring
  • Hardwood Stairs
  • Hardwood Refinishing & Repairs
  • Flooring Installation
  • Dustless Floor Sanding System

Your Dustless Floor Sanding System Experts

Many residential and commercial property owners in Prince's Bay take advantage of Galaxy Hardwood's dustless hardwood floor sanding system services. Because hardwood floors experience a lot of wear and tear over time, they might require sanding to restore their finish. Typical sanding methods can be extremely messy, but our hardwood flooring specialists use a dustless floor sanding system that prevents an abundance of dust during sanding.

Hardwood Refinishing and Repair Services for Your Prince's Bay Home

Galaxy Hardwood is experienced in hardwood refinishing and repairs, and our skilled team performs services such as wood rot repairs, wood matching, board removal and replacement, water damage, historic floor repairs, and termite damage for Prince's Bay customers. Our hardwood flooring company also offers refinishing options such as lacquer, varnish, polyurethane, and shellac. If you aren't sure which finish you should choose for your hardwood flooring, you can discuss the characteristics of each finish with our hardwood flooring specialists to make an informed decision.

All of our hardwood flooring company's repair and refinishing services are performed thoroughly by skilled professionals, and once you consult with our hardwood flooring experts, they can offer recommendations for repair and restoration so that your wood flooring is renewed quickly and effectively.

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If you are looking for hardwood floors in the Prince's Bay area, please call us at 718-873-5815 or complete our online request form.